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21 June 2015
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Student Loan Co-signers Facing Difficulties

21 June 2015, Comments: 0

If you have co-signed on a private student loan or are considering becoming a co-signer, this article provides some important information.

1 June 2015
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US Supreme Court Rules Homeowners Can’t Void 2nd Wholly Unsecured Mortgage in Chapter 7

1 June 2015, Comments: 0

Disappointing news for Chapter 7 debtors who have a 2nd mortgage on a home that is already “underwater” with respect to the 1st mortgage.

26 April 2015
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Proposed Legislation on Student Loans in Bankruptcy

26 April 2015, Comments: 0

There are currently bills in both the House and the Senate addressing what is being called a student loan debt “crisis.”  These bills are […]

19 February 2015
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Qualifying for a mortgage after bankruptcy

19 February 2015, Comments: 0

Several of my clients have asked me how and when they will be able to finance a home after filing for bankruptcy.  While bankruptcy […]

18 February 2015
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Consumer guide to bankruptcy from NACBA

18 February 2015, Comments: 1

The National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys has this useful guide to help you decide whether you should file for bankruptcy protection.